Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

Gossip Pantun Hell First,

gossip hell first, sometime, never any children under the school board who died drowned in that pool. It was said that since the incident area around the pool so a bit austere, but so far there are still ga small children in the sighting story.

let alone a small child toddler anyways so the there is no sin isn't really pity if so haunting. In additn to the area of ​​the pool area under https://pantunweb.wordpress.com/2016/12/08/merupakan-puisi-yang-sangat-cerdas/ the stairs also feels sinister, he said it in a room under the stairs -dulu WC Women now converted into stensil- space is never a student who hanged himself because pregnant out of wedlock.

The truth of this story still has not been proven, but it is if we go near it if said person does a little-agakkeueung Sundanese.One of the unique things of the world perhantuan Belitung 8 is supposedly said they love to show themselves.

to the people who really want to see them challenging alias. This is evidenced in the 90s by 15 students. On one night they http://katakatayunus.eklablog.com/merasakan-bagaimana-puisi-sedih-indah-a127788648 accidentally gathered in the school with the intention of proving the existence of the penunggunya. Around 23 they were lined up one-on-one goes to one of the most haunted place, the chemical laboratory

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